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As CEO of a multi-billion dollar energy company, the weight of responsibility was immense (which I enjoyed, for the most part)!

But what surprised me most was the isolation.

Despite my position and my extensive network of peers, very few people were willing to be open about the challenges they faced in their own roles.

I began to understand how critical it was to have a circle of trusted allies, who were prepared to fearlessly challenge me on major decisions, and help me see the world through a different lens.

I cobbled together my own group of peers that I could call on at different times, and once I did this, the transformation was profound.

The insights I gained from this circle of high-performers accelerated my peformance and confidence.

This powerful experience is what inspired me to create the Business Accelerator Mastermind.

Having experienced other CEO/owner business groups, BAM is hands down the best. Candid discussions with a great group of high calibre operators and the invaluable 1-1 sessions with Marty make it incredibly valuable. There’s nothing like getting your business under the ‘Marty microscope’!

Scott Yates

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You feel isolated at the top, wishing you had a group of like-minded peers to compare strategies and brainstorm with
  • Past mastermind, leadership or networking groups disappointed you: they only facilitated surface-level discussions, never delivering deep transformative insights you were looking for
  • You’re eager to be pushed and challenged as a business owner/MD/CEO, but don’t have access to a peer network that can bring fresh perspectives to light
  • You know that Marty’s experience leading a multi-billion dollar company will provide invaluable insights to shape your strategy, team and decision making
  • You’re a high-achieving, ambitious leader who’s hungry for growth and, like all of us, you know you have gaps in your capabilities and skill set

If so, the Business Accelerator Mastermind will skyrocket your business!


A “mastermind” is a concept that was popularized by Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich.” It refers to a group of individuals who come together regularly (either in person or virtually) to discuss and solve their challenges with input and advice from the other group members.

Online courses, like our Leadership Beyond the Theory program, are designed for one-way knowledge transfer from expert to learner; networking groups aim to casually expand professional contacts; but a mastermind offers a unique blend of collective wisdom, accountability, and diverse perspectives, in a confidential setting.

Through fortnightly sessions, members of our Business Accelerator Mastermind not only share challenges, but also acquire innovative solutions and strategies, benefiting from the group’s combined expertise and diverse experience.

Dive into this collaborative journey and harness the synergy of shared growth and success.


Each year we run 2 x intimate masterminds, splitting them into two seasons.

Q1 SEASON: March-August Theme: Accountability & Value Mastery

Deep dive topics

  • Constructing Your Value Delivery Roadmap
  • Igniting an Accountability Revolution
  • Leading at CEO Altitude

What you’ll leave this mastermind with:

  • A laser-like focus on the highest-value levers for your business, paving the way for accelerated profitable growth
  • A crystal clear plan on how to implement strong team accountability, enabling you to execute your plans more effectively than you ever thought possible
  • A path to elevate yourself from daily reactivity to effective strategic action, with the insight you need to structure your team for high performance
Q3 SEASON: September-February Theme: Strategy & Team Performance

Deep dive topics

  • Developing Your Unique Business Strategy
  • Crafting Your Dream C-Suite Team
  • Elevating Your Team’s Performance

What you’ll leave this mastermind with:

  • A comprehensive, holistic view of your big picture business strategy, ensuring you overcome any barriers that are currently limiting your growth
  • Guidance in designing your ideal company structure and C-Suite team, fortifying your business’s leadership foundation
  • A tailored team development plan addressing gaps, and an ironclad performance management strategy
Available places in each season: 24, broken into smaller groups of 8 leaders
  • Our two mastermind seasons are complementary, but independent
  • Choose to join one or both, based on your availability
  • If you complete one season, your spot for the next one is guaranteed if you want to continue


  • Magnified Growth: Dive deep into Accountability, Value Mastery, Strategy, Structure and both Personal and Team Performance. Strategize, innovate, and evolve.
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from twice-monthly Zoom sessions with Marty, Em and your high performing peers.
  • Tailored Guidance: Get multiple 1:1 mentoring sessions and reviews with Marty, ensuring your unique challenges are addressed.
  • Dynamic Community: Engage with a dedicated Slack community of leaders who are going through the exact same challenges as you.
  • Accountability Reinvented: Get matched with a new accountability partner every month to form deeper, more meaningful and long-lasting connections


Participating in BAM has been a game-changer. Honest discussions, focused speaking slots, and invaluable insights from fellow business owners have far surpassed my expectations.

Jess Hubbard

What sets this experience apart from other business groups I’ve tried is its clear focus on growth and development.

Not only will you benefit from invaluable insights, but you’ll also encounter those unforgettable ‘Marty moments’ that are refreshingly no bullsh!t. If you’re looking to elevate your personal and professional journey, I highly recommend the Business Accelerator Mastermind.

James Taylor

The BAM is really about driving value and accountability at my level, and getting real time analysis from Marty along the way. I couldn’t think of a more valuable investment.

Clive Morley


  • You are the primary influencer in your business, whether it’s as an owner, founder, C-Level, or Managing Director.
  • You want to lead strategically, rather than firefighting, reacting, and getting stuck in the weeds.
  • You want to connect with and learn from other high performing leaders tackling similar challenges.
  • You aspire to have greater balance, while deeply caring about your business.
  • You’re seeking mentorship that gets results: you want Marty’s expertise focused directly on your business.
  • You’re willing to come to each session ego-free, ready to contribute and add value to others.


AUD $20,000 for one season
or AUD $30,000 for both seasons if paid as a one-time payment

Payment plans are available

Unlock new dimensions of business growth and performance excellence with the Business Accelerator Mastermind, led by experts who’ve been where you are now.

Apply for the next season to save your spot!

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